Writing Websites

Author Writing Samples - Ezra Jack Keats
This site has samples of rough drafts of Keat's "Peter" books.
Author Writing Samples - Rick Walton
Read here about the making of "Once There Was a Bull...Frog"
Barry Lane's Discover Writing Site
Lots of ideas for writing teachers
Teachers - tips on teaching your students to write fiction.
Free Writing Journals
from Starfall.com
Giggle Poetry
has poems organized by category and allows kids to rate them and even write their own
Grammar Gorillas
play games to practice grammar skills
sponsors a writing contest and publishes stories and jokes by kids
Homepage of Kidwriting, a popular book targeting Kindergarten and early primary teachers of writing.
NASA articles
Articles on space topics written with very interesting "voice". Great examples of entertaining nonfiction writing.
Poem Pack
has animated poems that kids can play with. Great for 1st and 2nd graders!
Poet's Home Page
Kristine O'Connell George's home page has wonderful excerpts of her free verse poems as well as resources for teachers and students writing poetry.
Poetry Teachers
Resources for teachers has poetry theater, poetry contests and info. about author visits.
Poet's Corner
has examples of different types of poetry such as cinquains and limericks. Classes from around the world
can send in examples of each.
allows you to make word searches, crossword puzzles and more
Rebecca Sitton's Spelling site
Give your spelling lessons a boost!
Rubrics and Handouts
Rubric templates for writing, reading and more.
Six Traits Site
This site has rubrics and sample student writing to help you with scoring.
Six Traits - Book lists
This site has lists of books for teaching each trait
Six Traits weblinks list
This site has lists of links for Six Traits teaching
Six Traits
This site has basic 6 Traits information for teachers, parents and students
Six Traits Literature Bibliography
Books are listed by trait they can be used to teach.
Six Traits posters
Check out these cool posters for each of the six traits. All are in pdf format.
Spelling Ticklers
List and descriptions of spelling games for the classroom
Teaching That Makes Sense
Loads of ideas for writing (and other teaching ideas that make sense!)
Write On
Powerpoint presentations on writing conventions such as indenting, autobiographies and complete sentences.
Writing Samples
Samples of student writing from grades K-12
Writing Scoring Guides
Scoring guides created by a 4th grade teacher for various writing genres: persuasive, narrative, poetry and more
Writing Samples - NWREL
Samples of student writing correlated and scored with the 6 Traits rubrics
Writing Samples - Ginny's Pages
Along with lots of 6+1 Traits rubrics and lesson ideas, this site has sample student writing to use as anchor papers.
Writing With Writers
Kids can get tips from famous writers such as Jane Yolen on how to write mysteries, folktales, poetry and myths.


Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents on links on the
World Wide Web change continuously. Teachers and parents should preview all links before introducing to students.

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