Social Studies Websites

contains maps, statistics and facts you want to know about most countries of the world
American Rhetoric
Online speech bank: full text, audio and video database of famous speeches
Asia for Elementary Teachers and Students
Links to sites having to do with Asia in general as well as the specific countries of Asia.
Australia - Virtual Tour
Walk-about Australia through a virtual tour of this fascinating continent!
California site allows you to help your idea become law
Don't Buy It!
Get media smart and learn the tricks of advertising
Earth In Motion
Earth in Motion is an international project for participants to share and record everyday life and happenings with others around the world. Classes can join in projects about nature or cultures of the world.
Good social studies lesson plans connected to literature
Games from around the world
Kidsweb Japan
is a kid-friendly website from the Japan Information Network and includes pictures and info. on Japanese daily life, politics, sports, culture and much more.
is an online project for students with lots of Japan links
has maps of cities, states, countries, roads and more
Plimoth Plantation
You are the historian - investigating the first Thanksgiving.
Thematic Units for Primary Grades
Units include Ancient Egypt, Colonial Life, Dinosaurs, Holidays, Solar System, Weather, Transportation, and much more.
Theme Pages
A teacher-made website of usable Science and Social Studies themes
Tower of London
A virtual tour of the Tower of London
Virtual Tours
Virtual 360 Panoramic tours of places like Japanese fish market, summit of Mt. St. Helens, an underwater reef, El Capitan, and more.
Virtual Tour - Hawaii
See 360 Panoramic views of various volcanos, beaches, waterfalls and more.
Virtual Tour - Phoenix Zoo
360 panoramic views of different areas of a zoo.
White House for Kids
Information about the White House such as it's history, pets in the white house and historic moments.


Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents on links on the
World Wide Web change continuously. Teachers and parents should preview all links before introducing to students.

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