Science Websites

All About Snow
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Activities to go along with the TV show, including demos to do at home or at school, episode guides for teachers, a question of the week and an easy-to-use search page of related websites.
Kid friendly dinosaur site!
This fun site has lots of language arts activities based on dinosaurs.
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Math and Science curriculum resources
Frank Potter's Science Gems
has links to many science sites organized by topic, as well as lesson plan ideas for teachers
This BBC site has lots of kid-friendly games for exploring science concepts such as heat energy, planets, light, magnets and much more.
How Stuff Works
Learn how a variety of things work, from machines to your body to nature.
Lorax Save the Trees Game
Help the Lorax save the trees!
Mad Scientist Network
allows you to ask a group of scientists questions.
Magic School Bus
Activities to go along with the TV show, including a theme index of MSB topics, activities for teachers to use to supplement the show, games for kids, and access to MSB books, CDs and videos.
NASA Spacelink
The Education site of NASA includes hot topics on space, teacher information, and overviews of NASA projects and news.
NASA articles
Articles on space topics written with very interesting "voice". Great examples of entertaining nonfiction writing.
Online Articles
has online news articles for kids written by CNN in simplified language. Some also contain video clips.
Ranger Rick's Kid Zone
has info on the environment, games and even articles from past issues of Ranger Rick
Space Station
Track the space station through the night sky.
Theme Pages
A teacher-made website of usable Science and Social Studies themes
Volcano World
Everything you ever wanted to know about volcanos!
Yahooligans Animal Research
Learn about different animals here!
Weather Channel
Explore the Science Behind the Weather on The Weather Classroom!

Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents on links on the
World Wide Web change continuously. Teachers and parents should preview all links before introducing to students.

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