Research Sites

Kids - need help researching a topic or finding the answer to a question?

Try these sites:

Critical Literacy with PBS's "Don't Buy It!"
Hey, kids! Learn not to believe everything you see in TV advertising and entertainment.
Do you know what a kakapo is? Look up unusual words at this site.
This fun site has lots of language arts activities based on dinosaurs.
Ask Jeeves!
Why don't dog's sweat? Where IS Timbuktoo? When did the civil war end? Ask Jeeves all your questions!
Internet Public Library
Has books to read online, information on sports, health, dinosaurs and much more!
online dictionary and thesaurus
Weekly Reader
Catch up on the latest news, take a quiz, find out stuff about the world, elections and current events
Yahooligans Animal Research
Learn about lots of animals here
Internet Search Tool for Kids
Need to find something on the internet? This search tool is safe for kids.
Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents on links on the
World Wide Web change continuously. Teachers and parents should preview all links before introducing to students.

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